Message from Chairman

Mr B V Naidu
Chairman, The SMARTecIndia Initiative 2021, Managing Partner & Chairman
StartupXseed Ventures & The Gain

The world as we know it is constantly evolving with "Smart" Technology in all spheres of life. This cutting-edge, intelligent technology is impacting all sectors of Industry and enabling newer areas of innovation to optimize manufacturing in Large, medium and small scale Indian industry equally. In 2020, industrial digitization faced its biggest test to date. Confronted with the largest health and economic crisis in recent history, companies across sectors were forced into implementing extraordinary measures to protect their people and maintain operations. While some contended with keeping the operations running in the face of shortages of workers or raw materials, others struggled to keep up with the sudden spike in demand. As per McKinsey’s survey in 2020, 44% percent responded that Industry 4.0 had helped them to keep their operations running during the crisis, and 56% felt that these technologies had been critical to their crisis responses.

The crisis is forcing companies to rethink the direction of their operational strategies, changing both the business issues they want to address and Smart technologies. The pandemic has also forced companies to re-evaluate the progress of their own digital transformations. Due to the unique circumstances of the pandemic, agility and flexibility in operations have emerged as top strategic priorities above raising productivity and minimizing cost. These became the primary objectives for most of the companies and similarly, technologies that enable remote working and collaboration topped the list of priorities.

The ASSOCHAM SMARTecIndia Initiative is a unique Digital platform that has reached out to maximum varied sectoral target audience all over the world to showcase, reward, recognize and celebrate the world of smart technologies and how they are making our lives and businesses smarter and simpler and to address the varied business requirements. After the grand success of the 1 st Edition of SMARTecIndia 2020, ASSOCHAM is organising 2nd Edition of SMARTecIndia 2021 from 03 - 15th December 2021 to reach out to industry not all Nationally but also Internationally to showcase the strengths and growth of Indian Industry.